Mox Seattle (Card Kingdom) - PPTQ Atlanta 2018

Event Description: Standard Players! Come and fight for Glory, Honor, Store Credit, and a spot at the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier which will feed into Pro Tour Atlanta! Mox Boarding House Seattle is hosting a Standard PPTQ on Saturday, May 19th. Entry: $25. Standard Format, Comp REL, Decklists required. Registration begins @ 10 AM, Player’s Meeting/First Round @ Noon Prize Payout (all prizes in store credit): 1st: $250 + RPTQ Invite 2nd: $150 3rd-4th: $100 5th-8th: $50 If we break 55 players: 9th-16th: $25 Preregistration will be open until 11:55 p.m. on Friday, May 18th. Decklists can be downloaded here (no need to fill out the Image Release Form)
Event Image:
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