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Event Description: Join us every other Tuesday night for some common Magic fun! Construct a deck using only cards that have been printed at common rarity in any set (in paper or online), as according to gatherer.wizards.com. For example: Battle Screech was a common in Vintage Masters (on MTGO), and while Battle Screech has only been printed at uncommon in paper, it is still legal to play. The Banlist: - Cloud of Faeries - Cloudpost - Cranial Plating - Empty the Warrens - Frantic Search - Grapeshot - Invigorate - Peregrine Drake - Temporal Fissure - Treasure Cruise - Goblin Grenade - High Tide - Hymn to Tourach - Sinkhole LOCATION UNCLE'S GAMES at Crossroads Mall 15600 Northeast 8th Street, Suite K10, Bellevue, Washington EVENT ENTRY & PRIZES $5 entry, registration opens at 5pm, and Swiss rounds start at 6pm. Prizes in booster packs based on standings.
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