$ 0 /mo


  • 1GB storage for event files and photos
  • Slide show

    The event has a slow show for all the attendees photos. Remember and celebrate your event during and after the event. Attendees have a single easy place to store their photos so everyone can see and get copies.
  • Comments

    Event attendees have a chat space that works during the event while saving comments for viewing later. Attendees can like or reply to comments quicly and easily.
  • Invitations

    You can invite other ArcZap users, ArcZap groups, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and email addresses to your event.
  • Want everyone to come?

    You can make your events public which posts your event in the ArcZap event search engine. Searchers near your event or looking for keywords can easily find and attend your publized event. For an extra fee you can feature events which will place your event at the top of the search results for a specified period of time.
Featured Event
9/week $ 0 /week

Free during the beta!

  • 10GB storage for event files and photos
  • Top Results

    A featured event is shown on the home page based on geography and top of the search results based on geography, interests, and schedule.
  • Geography

    An event with a geographic location will be matched to ArcZap users locations when they visit the home page or event search engine.
  • Interest Keywords

    A featured event has interest keywords to match specific event searches or targeted at specific groups and communities.
  • Get Results

    Need an inexpensive way to get the word out about a party, garage sale, or event or want to publicize to one of our four beta colleges communities? Featured events is a way to advertise to specific people who are interested in your event. No more ads that may or may not reach your intended audience.
$ 0 /mo


  • 1GB storage for group files and photos
  • Drop Board

    Your group contains a central board for sharing files and photos. All group members have immediate access to the files and photos. No more additional passwords, permissions, or folder rules, etc. The Drop Board looks like a cork board where you can easily drag-and-drop files from your storage or click to choose files or photos to upload. Simply the easiest way to share files with a group of people quickly.
  • Collaboration

    Your group has a group-only chat space that works in real-time and saves comments for offline group members. The group also gets a dedicated custom email alias and web location on ArcZap for other collaboration options. i.e. coolgroup@arczap.com and https://arczap.com/coolgroup.
  • Scheduling

    Scheduling an event for your group is as simple as choosing the add event 'plus' button and all group members are invited. The event is shown on the group upcoming event calendar .
  • Approval Required or Not

    A group can be configured for open enrollment or by invite-only. Members may suggest other potential members but the group owner approves. Members can be invited by email or via Facebook message.
  • 10GB storage for community files and photos
  • Group of Groups

    A community is meant for organizations to sponsor groups and events, i.e. colleges, enterprises, or associations, etc; A community can contain multiple groups and individuals.
  • Community Calendar

    Groups who are members of your community get more storage space and participation in the greater community. Community events are automatically available to any group or individual member.
  • Annoucements and Shared Files

    Administrators of communities can create annoucements and post pics and files for members and group members.
  • Scoped Event Search Engine

    A community gets a spot on the search engine so people can search events only in that community.