ArcZap Team

John Pennock
Founder and CEO

John founded ArcZap in 2013. He graduated from Brigham Young University with B.S. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and added Web Development and Mobile Technologies Certificates from Bellevue College. Before founding ArcZap John worked for 21 years as a software developer and group program manager at Microsoft in their Hardware, Windows Media Center, Engineering Excellence, and Xbox Live divisions.

Chris Bennett
Co-Founder and VP of Development

Chris Bennett is responsible for all design, development, and maintenance of software for the corporation's flagship web servers. He graduated from University of Utah with degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, and has a master's degree in Business Administration from Seattle University. Bennett has designed and developed software for many companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Boeing.

JP Marinacci
Web Developer

JP, a proficient web developer builds and fixes client side code. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems and Technology Application Development Track at Bellevue College. He's known for his sparkling charm and unbridled wit. His passions include karaoke, river floating, playing hoops, and Magic the Gathering.

Paul Blake
Regional Event Administrator

Paul Blake is a competitive Magic player who works toward keeping the Magic the Gathering community in sync in terms of scheduling and awareness of events. He is a former Tournament Organizer for Card Advantage Games and has been an active Magic player since 2011. During that time, he was able to develop strong relationships with other Tournament Organizers and players in the area which he leverages to continue to build and foster a strong community.

ArcZap Advisors

Charles Calvert
Technical Advisor

Charlie advises ArcZap on all matters technical. He is on the faculty at Bellevue College and has created a great learning website

Damon Danieli
Startup Advisor

Damon Danieli advises ArcZap on building a successful startup. He is currently the Founder/CEO of Appuri, a big data startup specializing in lowering churn. Previously he founded Z2live and worked for Microsoft.


Melody Tsz-Way Leung
Ex Social Marketer and College Coordinator

Melody tackled the tasks of creating an ArcZap buzz throughout social media.

Taban Cosmos
Ex Social Marketer and CWU Coordinator

Taban Cosmos was the ArcZap CWU Coordinator.

Andrey Kashcheev
Ex Web Developer

Andrey was our web developer.

Tania Leonova-Vendrovska
Ex Software Tester and Developer

Tania Leonova-Vendrovska was our intern responsible for ArcZap testing and development.

Patrick Murphy
Ex Web Developer Intern

Patrick Murphy was a web developer and Facebook API developer.

Donald Lee
Ex Software Test Manager

Donald Lee was responsible for creating ArcZap's testing plan, test strategy, and test processes.

Sheri Brady
Ex Graphic Designer

Sheri provided graphic design.